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Wall Street Journal - May 7

The following are the leading stories in the Wall Street Journal. has not verified these stories and does not attest their accuracy.

- A female who declares she was wrongly depicted as a stalker in Richard Gadd's Netflix struck Baby Reindeer has sued the streaming service for disparagement and other charges.

- Samsung Electronic devices unionized employees staged what they called the first-ever walkout at the South Korean technology giant since it was founded more than five years back, taking a day of paid leave en masse.

- Netflix investors voted to advise approval of a refreshed executive-pay plan a year after the company's. previous proposition was rejected.

- Saudi Arabia is set to raise more than $11.2 billion after. pricing its offering of Aramco stock towards the lower. end of the targeted range.

- British tech business owner Mike Lynch was acquitted. Thursday of criminal charges that he fraudulently inflated. earnings at his company Autonomy before offering it to. Hewlett-Packard for more than $11 billion in 2011.

- National Transport Security Board on Thursday said. bad communication between an air-traffic controller and. Southwest Airlines pilots resulted in a FedEx cargo. jet coming within 200 feet of colliding with a passenger-laden. Southwest flight removing last year.