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China courts Spain to push EU on electrical lorry probe

China hopes Spain will press the European Union to support and motivate the new energy industry to deepen cooperation and produce a fair and predictable development environment, according to its commerce ministry.

In remarks targeted at addressing the EU's probe into China's. electrical vehicles sector, Minister Wang Wentao emphasised the. need to safeguard international joint efforts to fight environment modification. and the China-EU extensive tactical partnership.

China hoped Spain would encourage the EU to maintain an open. mindset in the field of green and brand-new energy, he stated. The EU's. examination into China's EV market totaled up to. protectionism, he added.

Last October, the European Union Commission launched an. investigation into whether to impose punitive tariffs to secure. EU producers against more affordable Chinese electric vehicle imports it. says are getting distortive state aids.

It recently said it would postpone a choice till after. the European Parliament election on June 9.

China has consistently rebuked the EU for its probe.

At a meeting on Monday with the Spanish ministers for. economy and industry in Madrid, Wang stated China was willing to. deal with Spain to increase trade, promote two-way investments. and expand cooperation.

In a separate statement, the Chinese ministry likewise said it. had established a coordination mechanism for foreign-funded. enterprises to express their difficulties about working. in China. It gave no details.

European firms that rank China as a top financial investment. destination hit a record low, the European Union Chamber of. Commerce in China said last month, associating the sentiment to. China's ailing economy and less predictable policy instructions.