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Denmark, Sweden end warnings on natural gas supply

Denmark and Sweden on Monday stated they were no longer caution of a danger of a lack of gas, canceling notifies raised simply months after Russia's fullscale invasion of Ukraine.

The 2 nations' energy companies in June of 2022 both stated they had activated the primary step of their particular three-stage emergency strategies, which indicated a tighter tracking of the marketplace due to unpredictability about gas supplies from Russia.

The warning was now no longer required, the Danish regulator stated on Monday.

Gas intake has actually been lowered and the supply circumstance is stable, it composed in a declaration.

The company still asked Denmark to stay with its lower usage to enable storages to be filled by next winter season.

Neighbouring Sweden, which shares a gas market and balancing zone with Denmark, made a comparable statement.

The gas supply scenario in Sweden is steady, the Swedish energy authority stated.

? For that reason, a crisis level warning is no longer justified, it added.

The Danish and Swedish market was better provided than before the choices on the notifies was introduced, the Swedish agency said.