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World strikes streak of record temperatures as UN cautions of 'environment hell'

Each of the previous 12 months ranked as the hottest on record in yearonyear comparisons, the EU's climate modification tracking service said on Wednesday, as U.N. SecretaryGeneral António Guterres required urgent action to prevent climate hell.

The typical international temperature for the 12-month duration to the end of May was 1.63 degrees Celsius (2.9 degrees Fahrenheit). above the pre-industrial average - making it the hottest such. duration considering that record-keeping started in 1940, the Copernicus. Climate Modification Service said.

This 12-month average does not mean that the world has yet. surpassed the 1.5 C (2.7 F) worldwide warming threshold, which. explains a temperature level average over decades, beyond which. scientists caution of more severe and permanent effects.

In a different report, the U.N.'s World Meteorological. Organization (WMO) said there is now an 80% possibility that at least. among the next five years will mark the first fiscal year. with a typical temperature that temporarily exceeds 1.5 C above. pre-industrial levels - up from a 66% chance last year.

Speaking about the findings, U.N. Secretary-General António. Guterres stressed how quickly the world was heading in the. wrong instructions and away from stabilizing its environment system.

In 2015, the chance of such a breach was near no,. Guterres stated in a speech marking World Environment Day.

With time running out to reverse course, Guterres prompted a. 30% cut in global nonrenewable fuel source production and usage by 2030.

We require a turnoff off the highway to environment hell, he. stated, including: The battle for 1.5 degrees will be won or lost in. the 2020s.


Carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels - the. primary reason for environment modification - hit a record high last year. in spite of global contracts developed to curb their release and a. quick expansion in renewable resource.

Coal, oil and gas still offer more than 3 quarters of. the world's energy, with international oil demand staying strong.

The most recent environment information show that the world is method off. track from its goal of limiting warming to 1.5 C - the key. target of the world's 2015 Paris Accord, WMO Deputy. Secretary-General Ko Barrett said.

We should urgently do more to cut greenhouse gas emissions,. or we will pay an increasingly heavy rate in terms of trillions. of dollars in financial costs, countless lives impacted by more. severe weather, and extensive damage to the environment and. biodiversity, Barrett stated.

Barrett explained the cooling effect of La Nina weather. conditions, which are expected to take hold later this year, as. a simple blip in the upward curve in the heat felt across the. world.

We all need to understand that we require to reverse this curve. and we need to do it urgently, she said.

While last year signed up as the warmest fiscal year on. record at 1.45 C (2.61 F) above pre-industrial temperatures, at. least among the next five years is likely to be even warmer. than 2023, the WMO data reveal.

Researchers at Copernicus stated there were some unexpected. advancements - such as the high loss of Antarctic sea ice in. recent months - but that the general climate data remained in line. with forecasts of how rising greenhouse gas emissions would. heat the planet.

We have actually not seen anything like this in the last a number of. thousand years, stated Copernicus Director Carlo Buontempo.

Guterres took objective at nonrenewable fuel source business.

The Godfathers of climate chaos-- the fossil fuel market. -- rake in record earnings and feast off trillions in. taxpayer-funded subsidies, he stated.

Drawing a contrast with many governments' restrictions on. advertising for damaging substances like tobacco, he stated, I. desire every country to prohibit marketing from fossil fuel. companies, and I prompt news media and tech companies to stop. taking fossil fuel advertising..