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Ecuador Indigenous, environmental groups object Petroecuador gas flaring

Ecuadorean Indigenous organizations and environmental advocacy groups on Wednesday opposed staterun oil company Petroecuador, saying it is stopping working to abide by a court order to shut gas flares in the Amazon, though the federal government said it was closing them.

In 2021, a provincial tribunal in Sucumbios province bought Petroecuador and a handful of private operators to stop at least 486 flares in lived in areas by March 2023 and rural locations by 2030. Flares burn natural gas produced throughout oil production when there is no infrastructure to record it.

Residents of the location, who have actually long alleged slow development on the closed down, stated Petroecuador is simply switching off the flares and sending out the gas to larger flaring operations in the Amazon.

They are turning off the flares and that is not the goal. The goal is their total removal, said Jairo Salazar, an attorney for impacted locals, as he attended the protest outside the constitutional court. It's a mockery of the Ecuadorean Amazon.

A group of residents from the Amazon have actually been holding a. appetite strike at a church in Quito for about 10 days to pressure. the federal government.

Salazar stated just 63 flares have been shut down in the. provinces of Orellana and Sucumbios, however Energy Minister Roberto. Luque told a congressional commission on Wednesday 145. Petroecuador flares have actually been gotten rid of and there is a plan to. shut 341 more by 2030, including those run by private business.

Petroecuador has said that shutting and taking down each. flare takes in between 12 and 36 months depending on area and. other factors.