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World hits streak of record temperature levels as UN warns of 'climate hell'

Each of the previous 12 months ranked as the warmest on record in yearonyear contrasts, the EU's climate change monitoring service stated on Wednesday, as U.N. SecretaryGeneral António Guterres required urgent action to avoid climate hell.

The typical worldwide temperature level for the 12-month period to the end of May was 1.63 degrees Celsius (2.9 degrees Fahrenheit). above the pre-industrial average - making it the hottest such. period since record-keeping started in 1940, the Copernicus. Environment Change Service stated.

This 12-month average does not suggest that the world has yet. went beyond the 1.5 C (2.7 F) international warming threshold, which. describes a temperature level average over years, beyond which. scientists warn of more extreme and permanent effects.

In a separate report, the U.N.'s World Meteorological. Company (WMO) stated there is now an 80% possibility that a minimum of. among the next 5 years will mark the very first fiscal year. with an average temperature that briefly surpasses 1.5 C above. pre-industrial levels - up from a 66% opportunity last year.

Discussing the findings, U.N. Secretary-General António. Guterres emphasized how rapidly the world was heading in the. incorrect direction and far from stabilizing its environment system.

In 2015, the opportunity of such a breach was near zero,. Guterres said in a speech marking World Environment Day.

With time going out to reverse course, Guterres urged a. 30% cut in international fossil fuel production and use by 2030.

We require an off ramp off the highway to climate hell, he. said, including: The battle for 1.5 degrees will be won or lost in. the 2020s.


Co2 emissions from burning nonrenewable fuel sources - the. main cause of climate change - strike a record high in 2015. in spite of worldwide contracts created to curb their release and a. rapid growth in renewable energy.

Coal, oil and gas still provide more than 3 quarters of. the world's energy, with global oil need remaining strong.

The latest climate data reveal that the world is way off. track from its objective of limiting warming to 1.5 C - the key. target of the world's 2015 Paris Accord, WMO Deputy. Secretary-General Ko Barrett said.

We must urgently do more to cut greenhouse gas emissions,. or we will pay an increasingly heavy price in regards to trillions. of dollars in economic expenses, millions of lives affected by more. extreme weather condition, and extensive damage to the environment and. biodiversity, Barrett said.

While in 2015 signed up as the hottest calendar year on. record at 1.45 C (2.61 F) above pre-industrial temperatures, at. least one of the next five years is most likely to be even warmer. than 2023, the WMO data show.

Scientists at Copernicus said there were some unexpected. advancements - such as the steep loss of Antarctic sea ice in. current months - but that the overall environment data were in line. with forecasts of how increasing greenhouse gas emissions would. heat the planet.

We have not seen anything like this in the last a number of. thousand years, stated Copernicus Director Carlo Buontempo.

Guterres took goal at fossil fuel business.

The Godfathers of climate mayhem-- the nonrenewable fuel source industry. -- rake in record earnings and feast off trillions in. taxpayer-funded aids, he stated.

Drawing a contrast with many federal governments' restrictions on. advertising for damaging compounds like tobacco, he stated, I. urge every country to prohibit marketing from nonrenewable fuel source. companies, and I prompt news media and tech business to stop. taking fossil fuel advertising..