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H7 bird flu strikes another Australian poultry farm in quarantine zone

A 5th poultry farm near Melbourne has been contaminated with an extremely pathogenic H7 pressure of bird influenza, the government of Australia's Victoria state said on Wednesday.

The farm is within a limited zone near 3 others where the H7N3 flu had actually currently spread in recent weeks, and authorities stated the latest detection was not unexpected.

Another farm in Victoria has at the very same time hosted an break out of a different H7N9 stress of the virus. Neither stress is the same as the H5N1 type that has spread out globally through bird and mammal populations and even into human beings.

We are responding to the detection of bird influenza at 5 Victorian poultry farms, the Victoria farming department said in a declaration.

All homes have actually been placed in quarantine and all poultry will be safely dealt with. The websites will be cleaned and cleared of the infection, it added.

Majority a million egg-laying birds have been or will be killed due to the break outs, which began last month, but this is a little portion of the country's flock and industry has looked for to assure customers about the threat to food products.

It's deflating to see new websites emerge which is terrible for the farms included and for the welfare of the birds however comfort can be taken that it is within a defined area, Rowan McMonnies, handling director of trade group Australian Eggs, said in a declaration this week.

If this can be maintained the impact on egg supply must remain restricted, he said.

Before the most recent cases, Australia has actually suffered 9 break outs of highly pathogenic bird influenza given that 1976, all of which were contained and eliminated, according to the state federal government. The virus is spread out from wild birds.

Authorities say there is no threat to the public from eating eggs and poultry meat.