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Tesco lasering avocados with item info in test to ditch stickers

Tesco, Britain's. biggest grocery store group, is utilizing lasers to engrave item. information on some of its avocados to avoid using barcoded. stickers, in a trial it says will minimize plastic waste.

The high-powered lasers get rid of a minute section of the top. layer of avocado skin, leaving a tattoo that reveals info. for clients and cashiers, such as the size or variety of the. fruit.

All UK supermarkets are looking for to reduce plastic use to. fulfill their environmental dedications. Tesco is targeting web. absolutely no carbon emissions by 2050 across its operations together. with those generated by the items it sells and its supply. chains.

Tesco said the avocado initiative was being made collectively. with Britain's main provider - Lincolnshire, main. England-based Westfalia Fruit.

Tesco avocado buyer Lisa Gilbey said the relocation prevents the. require for a barcode sticker that can quickly be forgotten and left. on when recycling home food waste.

The trial is occurring in around 270 Tesco shops in. southeast England and if consumer feedback is favorable will be. presented throughout all its shops.

A full roll-out would conserve nearly a million plastic stickers. a year on its loose, extra large avocados.

Tesco is also trialling replacing the plastic tray packaging. for two of its most popular avocado lines and transferring to a. cardboard container that is much easier to recycle.

If presented that would conserve over 20 million pieces of. plastic tray product packaging a year from the twin pack avocado alone.