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UN biodiversity top chief: Make peace with nature or run the risk of more war

The world must make peace with nature or threat fueling more global conflicts like the war in Gaza, the president of the upcoming United Nations COP16 biodiversity summit stated on Friday.

The October summit in Colombia is charged with negotiating next steps to carry out the landmark 2022 Kunming-Montreal accord - likened to the Paris Agreement on climate modification, however for nature - in order to deal with the drastic decline in biodiversity globally.

Environment modification, deforestation, contamination and habitat damage have actually resulted in a 69% decrease in worldwide wildlife populations given that 1970, according to not-for-profit WWF.

Colombia's Environment Minister, Susana Muhamad, laid out her priorities as COP16 president, along with a warning if the world stops working to reform global governance to resolve problems like the environment crisis.

The scenario currently in Palestine, where humankind is observing how an individuals of the world is being squashed militarily. And there's not even the capacity of the U.N. to offer the humanitarian relief, Muhamad said during a five-minute speech at the Atlantic Council think tank in Washington.

That scenario is what we might anticipate in an absence of governance and in a chaotic world due to the fact that of the climate crisis.

Muhamad stated the self-destructive war versus nature is causing conflict to increase but did not elaborate on the connection.

Multilateral institutions are not geared up to handle extraordinary obstacles like climate modification and should be overhauled or risk the world slipping into rule by the strong through violence, Muhamad stated.

Colombia's leading priorities for COP16 include an extreme. conversation on how to reform the global financial system that. will enable establishing nations to make strong ecological. commitments without taking on more debt, she stated.

Nations should submit biodiversity targets before the. summit. Colombia will focus on working with U.N. authorities to. measure how those commitments line up with 2030 objectives in the. Kunming-Montreal agreement, she stated.

Colombia will likewise seek to enhance the participation of. Native people and standard neighborhoods in the process, by. organizing three pre-summit occasions giving them an opportunity to. lobby governments.