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Some euro zone banks may be fined after missing out on ECB climate goal

Some euro zone banks have disappointed the European Reserve bank's climaterelated objectives and may face fines, a senior ECB manager stated in an interview released on Wednesday.

The ECB has actually handed banks a list of deadlines for factoring in risks associating with environment modification, from floods and droughts to a shift to brand-new energy sources, into the method they do business.

However some banks have fallen behind schedule, Kerstin af Jochnick, a member of the ECB's Supervisory Board, told Spanish paper Cinco Dias.

We have alerted a couple of banks that, based on our present evaluation, they have not satisfied the interim turning points, which means they deal with the possibility of having to pay a so-called pecuniary penalty, af Jochnick stated.

The ECB can fine banks up to 5% of their day-to-day turnover till the concern is resolved or for as much as 6 months. Banks have the right to be heard before any fine, referred to as routine. penalty payment in ECB speak, is enforced.

Supervisors will need to evaluate the files that banks. submit and the total number of days that they may have stopped working. to comply past the deadlines we provided, af Jochnick stated. This will form the basis for any possible charge, which would. require to be picked by the Supervisory Board. So it's a. procedure that is not over yet.

The ECB has actually been putting pressure on laggards for over a. year- to some impact.

The ECB's leading manager, Claudia Buch, stated on Tuesday. practically all banks had acknowledged they dealt with material. financial risks from environment change and were adjusting their. risk management action by step.

The ECB, which oversees euro zone's big banks and sets. financial policy for the location is extensively expected to begin cutting. rate of interest on Thursday, in an indication that it its fight against. high inflation is nearing an end.